Here at Living Bread, we like to think of our staff, both here in the States and overseas, as a family.  Today we are requesting prayer for one of our own, Marilu Jacques.  Marilu and her husband Lindomar (pictured above) serve at our church in Capao de Canoa in Brazil.  They have been with Ministerio Pao Vivo since 2012 and have been working hard to reach their community for Christ despite many obstacles.

Recently, Marilu has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She has suffered severe headaches and chronic pain for some time.  The biopsy results of the tumor have not yet come back, and Marilu is on a waiting list for surgery to have the tumor removed.  However, because of the health care system in Brazil, they could have to wait a few weeks or even months to find out when the surgery will be.

Please be in prayer for Marilu, her husband Lindomar, and their four children as they wait through this process, continuing to serve their church in Capao.  Pray for her to be relieved of her severe pain during this time and for her healing.

To support Lindomar and Marilu’s work in Capao, you can give here.

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