One of the goals of Living Bread Thailand is to impact communities through comprehensive ministries in order to reduce vulnerability to the human trafficking industry that is so prevalent there.

Ban Kai Unity Christian Church in Thailand is partnering with Living Bread Thailand to host a development project that will allow women and children to learn marketable skills including soap-making and farming.

$1800 will fully fund the project including providing seeds for farming and animals to raise. There will be 20-30 women and children enrolled, giving them opportunities to make additional income and better provide for their families without becoming involved in the sex industry.

The training is scheduled for the month of November.  Will you help us raise the needed funds by advocating through our social fundraising platform?  Check out how you can help here! 

If you prefer, you can give here to help underwrite this development project.

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When Patrick in Bárbara launched Living Bread Ministries in 2004 they had to embrace poverty. For several years their family lived well below the poverty level, diverting everything they could into sparking a church planting movement among the global poor. This is the encouraging story of how the Lord sustained them and ultimately established our comprehensive church planting ministries in South America and Southeast Asia.

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