Annual floods, which are difficult even if expected, are a burden on the poor we serve in Thailand. Unfortunately, we have just received news from our Thai ministry director that record breaking flooding is affecting a region where we have planted churches in the Sakon Nakorn province. In a single morning water quickly rose over five feet!

People tried to work quickly to grab what they could from their homes and move to higher ground, but the flooding was so swift and unexpected that many families were not able to save any of their belongings. Businesses and restaurants have closed indefinitely. All electricity is down, including to the hospital. Flights in and out of the area have also been cancelled.

We asked Living Bread Thailand Director Pastor Apichat how we could help Living Bread Thailand meet the needs of the people they serve who have been affected by this devastating flood. He let us know that people desperately need drinking water, food kits, and clothes. All of the local businesses are unable to service the community, and many of the poor have no means to leave the area. A flood of this magnitude, even after the waters recede, will take months for the region to rebuild and recover.

Our church planting efforts mean this will not be a one-time aid event for us. We already have people living and working in this area; we just need financial resources above and beyond our budget for disaster relief. Your partnership in helping us meet this need is therefore integrated into a comprehensive, ongoing church planting effort.

We pray our gifts in this time of extreme need will bless our Thai brothers and sisters in Christ, and open doors for many to be served by the local church who have never heard the gospel. With only $20 you can meet this need for one family!

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When Patrick in Bárbara launched Living Bread Ministries in 2004 they had to embrace poverty. For several years their family lived well below the poverty level, diverting everything they could into sparking a church planting movement among the global poor. This is the encouraging story of how the Lord sustained them and ultimately established our comprehensive church planting ministries in South America and Southeast Asia.

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