According to recent data there are over 23 million people currently living below the poverty line in Brazil, which demonstrates a 33% increase in the number of those in poverty over the last four years. The unemployment rate hovered around 12.5% in 2018. With an ever-increasing population in poverty, the mission of Living Bread Ministries has never been more vital.

We exist to plant churches among the poor that serve the local community by meeting spiritual and physical needs. Many times these needs either go unmet or are met by outsiders, humanitarian aid or well-meaning church and parachurch organizations. This creates a cycle of dependency that does not dignify or equip the poor they intend to serve. By planting churches with local leadership in these poor communities, we are able to bring both the message of hope found in the gospel and help to meet physical needs guided by leaders who understand the complex dynamics of their neighborhoods.

The majority of the poor we serve have no idea that Living Bread Ministries in working in the background, helping to rent church property, offering continued pastoral training, funding feeding ministries, and more. We think it’s more important for neighbors to be enabled to care for neighbors and for the good news to be shared by a church family that’s ready to care for new members. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us in this important work in Brazil, and beyond?

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When Patrick in Bárbara launched Living Bread Ministries in 2004 they had to embrace poverty. For several years their family lived well below the poverty level, diverting everything they could into sparking a church planting movement among the global poor. This is the encouraging story of how the Lord sustained them and ultimately established our comprehensive church planting ministries in South America and Southeast Asia.

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