Because Covid-19 has had such an impact on norms both here in the States and around the world, our churches are adjusting their ministries accordingly.  In some of our locations, meeting for services isn’t even an option, but in others we are able to hold services while practicing social distancing and wearing masks.  

In all our locations, especially where services aren’t allowed, we are focusing on social ministry and what we can do to meet the needs arising in each of our communities.  In Safira we are holding regular food distributions under the direction of Pastor Alex.  In Planalto our ministry teams served their area by providing free hair cuts for community members.  In Capaõ da Canoa, the church is holding services and conducting children’s classes as much as possible. 

Our desire is to be a blessing to the communities we serve in whatever ways we can while continuing to share the good news of Christ and the hope we have in Him, even during this time that may seem hopeless to so many.  Please pray for each of our churches and their leadership, that they will remain steadfast in their faith, that they will remain healthy, and that they will continue to serve their communities selflessly.  Their dedication to making a difference in their neighborhoods is inspiring, and we are so thankful to be part of this work.  Even when times are difficult, and so much is unknown, we serve a  God who knows and who loves each and every one of the men, women, and children we serve in an intimate way.  What a privilege to be part of what the Lord is doing!

You can help support our churches in Brazil and their outreach ministries when you donate to our general fund. If you would like to designate your donation for Brazil, you can do that here, and 100% of your contribution will go to Brazil and support these ministries directly.

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