We are encouraged by our ministries in Thailand! As we shared last quarter, the Eden Garden is a ministry that is making a difference in Thailand.  Because of the pandemic, Eden Garden is refocusing its ministry to the garden as opposed to a focus on hosting groups on their grounds.  Their staff wants to ensure they are able to feed their employees from their own produce.  They are also giving away fruit as a means of outreach and evangelism.  Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on their work! 

Pastor Somchai has been traveling regularly to churches around Thailand to be an encouragement to their pastors and to equip them in their ministries.  Pastor Karom is also developing as a pastor.  Please pray for both of them as they continue to serve others in the places where the Lord has called them.  

Though COVID-19 has not left any of our ministry locations untouched, we are thankful to see the Lord at work!

You can help support our churches in Brazil and their outreach ministries when you donate to our general fund. If you would like to designate your donation for Thailand, you can do that here, and 100% of your contribution will go to Brazil and support these ministries directly.

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When Patrick in Bárbara launched Living Bread Ministries in 2004 they had to embrace poverty. For several years their family lived well below the poverty level, diverting everything they could into sparking a church planting movement among the global poor. This is the encouraging story of how the Lord sustained them and ultimately established our comprehensive church planting ministries in South America and Southeast Asia.

Thank you!

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