Our ministry in Thailand continues to grow as more people are believing in Christ as the one, true God.  A new believer named Ann has recently come to faith.  However, we need to continue to pray for her as she transitions from a life of idol worship to worshiping God alone.  

We are also excited for another family that includes a mom and two sisters.  One sister is already a believer and has recently helped their mom come to know the Lord.  Please pray for the other sister who is open to our team visiting their home but has not yet made a profession of faith.

Pastor Somchai is working to make the Eden Garden more financially sustainable in order to feed all the residents.  They are also preparing to host events again as soon as the pandemic restrictions begin to change.  

We are also excited to partner with a chruch in central Thailand.  Led by Pastor Tae, this church is working to grow believers in their faith in Christ.  One way they are working with their members is through an adult discipleship camp that teaches them the Bible more in depth.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our work in Thailand! Sometimes it seems like progress is slow, but the Lord is still at work in hearts and lives!

We’re so thankful for a huge victory in Thailand recently! Unfortunately, a member of Somchai’s church recently lost his brother who was from the Baotong district, where there is not currently a church. Somchai went with him to the funeral and afterwards spent time with the family, sharing with them the hope of Christ.  As a result of their conversation, 5 or 6 of the man’s family members put their trust in Jesus!  Rejoice with us as we celebrate these new members of the faith!

If you would like to support our ministry in Thailand, you can do so here!

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Thank you!

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