Join a comprehensive church planting movement among the global poor!

We have over 13 years of experience actively planting churches among the poor in this region. Over 21% of Brazil’s population lives below the poverty line, and of that over 4% live in extreme poverty. Your giving helps us to be able to reach these people through providing a local body of believers with a pastor equipped to serve them.

It is estimated that there is less than 1% evangelical presence in this area, with the overwhelming majority of the population being considered completely unreached. The poor in this area struggle to provide even basic necessities for their families, with many parents forced to leave their children with relatives in the village to go find work in the cities. Many are then brought into prostitution or other forms of slave labor. Your donation helps us support the local church in finding creative ways to care for these vulnerable people. 

Each church we plant employs a comprehensive ministry model which seeks to address immediate physical needs as well spiritual and development needs. This is done in a variety of ways depending on the context of each local church. Many church plants operate a feeding ministry to meet immediate needs in their community. (Last year, with support from generous donors like you, our church plants among the global poor were able to distribute over 25 TONS of food). In addition, our church plants are invested in community development, to attack the cycle of poverty, as well as anti-human trafficking efforts to protect the vulnerable. 

A child living in a majority world slum has many obstacles; one of which is trying to get an education. When a family is struggling to find food, school supplies don’t seem that important. However, without them kids who are already struggling have almost no chance at doing well in school. Donations made to Share Christmas provides school and hygiene supplies to children as gifts given by their local church, as well as school uniforms where required.

We take a comprehensive approach to church planting, which means we seek to put down deep roots in the communities we serve. This makes having a building as a central location for ministry outreach essential to allowing our church plants to minister to their communities. These buildings are used for feeding ministries, tutoring, sports evangelism, classes, and job training in addition to regular gatherings for worship, discipleship, teaching, etc.

Donations made to our general giving fund allow our leadership to allocate the funds where they are most needed. If you would like to designate your donation to a category that is not included on the giving page please include that information in the Additional Information area on the next page.

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