Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

We have partnered with national Thai pastors and church planters to grow the body of Christ in Southeast Asia.  We are currently focused on central Thailand and the border areas with Cambodia and Myanmar.  Once we have established a thriving work in this region we will expand into other regions with the initial expansion into the northeast and along the border with Laos.

The vision for Living Bread Thailand is for comprehensive church planting among the poor in Thailand and throughout the region.  The pastors and church planters with whom we are work share this vision and love the people in their communities in practical ways.

Somchai and his wife Aun are leading a work in Phanatnikhom, Thailand.  They currently have around 70 people meeting for services regularly and have a vision to see the Gospel spread into each sub-district of Phanatnikhom.

Karom and his wife Cat are heading up a ministry to one of these subdistricts, Huatanon. 

Would you help us plant churches among the poor in Southeast Asia and equip them to minister to the comprehensive needs of their communities?

We plant churches among the marginalized, proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples while assisting them to meet the comprehensive needs of their community.

Our proven approach combines church planting, humanitarian aid, and development work in the context of an indigenous local church.

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