Off a dirt road on the outskirts of the city, in Cambodia there is a church that meets under a tree. This church started as a Bible study made up of mostly women and children caught in the devastating cycle of poverty. All but a couple of the men are absent. Many of them have left to look for work, and many of the younger women will end up doing the same, leaving a community that’s a majority of older women caring for children.

Church in Cambodia

One of our Thai pastors, who serves on the Living Bread Thailand board of directors, has been meeting with the members of this community regularly. We have witnessed this Bible study continue to grow, and have just gotten report of a need: chairs. It may seem like a simple thing to many of us in the western world, who probably don’t think much about the chairs we sit on in church, but this would be an incredible blessing to this body of believers. We need to raise $500 to purchase fifty chairs for this growing church plant. Could you play a part in meeting this need? Every donation counts!