We have a treat for you this week! We received an email from our church planters in Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, detailing the baptism of a new believer from their church. The letter below has been translated and edited for clarity and length.

Yesterday, January 15th, 2017, our dear and beloved Vovó Isabel (Granny Isabel) went down into the waters professing publicly that our Lord Jesus is her only Lord and Savior. She does not walk; she had one of her legs amputated and has very little mobility in her other leg. Two months ago she had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. She also cannot speak; she expresses her wishes through gestures interpreted by those who care for her.

But “Granny,” as she affectionately called by all of us, came to know the greatest love that she has ever experienced in her life. She decided to give herself to this love that does not look upon the circumstances of her life, but to her inner person. She could have chosen not to go down into the waters, especially considering her limitations are great. But not only did she ask Jesus to be her Lord, she immediately wanted to be baptized.

And there we have it: perhaps the greatest example of faith we have witnessed. How can anyone not be moved by such an example of faith? Our hearts are filled with joy to witness such great manifestation of love for the Father and the moving of the Holy Spirit here among us. Jesus also works in little churches, as long as they are filled with God’s great love.

On this same day Granny’s daughter and grandson were also baptized.

A big thank you to the people who helped us with the baptism for supporting us in our victories!

 To God be all honor and glory!

Gilmar & Lizandra


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