You have probably noticed that the global economy has not been doing great. In specific, Brazil has had a very difficult year. In 2015 inflation hit 11% and shows no sign of getting better in 2016. Imagine if all of your living expenses increased by 11% over the course of one year. This of course places hardship on the poor communities that we minister in.

It also places hardship upon all of our church planters who live and work in these communities. Our Brazilian church planters live very modestly. As a result of the economic problems in Brazil their ability to provide for their families has been cut by 11%. In order to provide them some relief and encouragement we are seeking to provide a cost of living adjustment.

We need to raise $500 per month, or $6,000 per year, to help all of the Living Bread church planters in Brazil. That is $500 total, not per church planter. Will you make a single or monthly gift to help bless these families who are humbly serving in very hard places?

To help our church planters continue to serve and see lives changed in some of the poor communities in southern Brazil please give. Give Now