Our work in Brazil has been hit hard by the global pandemic. The communities where we work are very densely populated urban slums. There are a lot of people is a small area with limited healthcare. The impact of the pandemic has been significant, but our churches and pastors have persevered through the long difficult season. Things have improved, and Pastor Magioli was recently able to travel to other parts of Brazil sharing the vision of Living Bread. He spoke at ten churches and on a radio program. We received verbal commitments from eight of those churches to begin partnering with Living Bread Brazil financially. He also traveled to visit the church plants in the northeast region of Brazil and spend some time with Pastor Daniel. Stay tuned for a more detailed update on this trip soon!

 A new pastor was recently installed at the church plant in Capão da Canoa. Pastor Sebastião and his wife, Shirley, are excited to be working in this community. He is a veteran pastor and brings a lot of experience to the work. We look forward to seeing how the Lord uses them in the months and years to come.

 The other church plants have continued ministering through the pandemic. We have met many needs for food and medicine. We have distributed masks and winter clothing. One church made masks and gave them away in exchange for food to distribute to the hungry. As things have opened up, we restarted outreaches like the bread making project in Vila Safira, where Pastor Alex is teaching women in the community to make breads and cakes to sell.

 Of course, each church has continued to gather corporately when possible and have worked hard to keep making disciples even with the hurdles of the pandemic. We are gathering publicly again and continue our evangelism efforts as well. In all we weathered the pandemic well and are stronger as a result. We appreciate your prayers and support as we continue to move forward.

Please continue praying for these ministries! If you would like to support our work in Brazil, you can do that here!