We love to see the creativity our church planters and leaders use to advance the gospel in their communities.

One example is the puppet ministry in Capão da Canoa. Pastor Lindomar has a heart for children, which is good because the poor communities are filled with kids. For years he has led soccer ministries and even helps coach a semi-pro girls team in the city. For more than a year Lindomar dreamed about launching a mobile puppet ministry.

Capão da Canoa is a coastal city with a huge influx of residents during the summer. Lindomar and others in the church wanted to take advantage of the city’s status as a tourist destination and reach the children and families that come to enjoy the beach.

The church saved the money and purchased a small van and decorated it like Noah’s ark. They will be visiting popular spots in the city throughout the summer to host gospel centered puppet shows. As they are south of the equator their summer will begin in December. Will you join us in praying that this upcoming summer will yield much fruit for the gospel? It may not result in church growth, but they are more concerned about growing the kingdom and we support their efforts.