Here is a special message from our Executive Director in Brazil, Pastor Magioli, and one of our church planters, Lindomar.

Faced with this pandemic that afflicts our nation and the world, we are reminded more than ever that people need God, love, and solidarity in such difficult times. The work of Living Bread Ministries under missionary Lindomar Jacques, Capão da Canoa, Brazil, has taken this pandemic to heart and is serving the community with meals and much needed supplies.

During the week he has been helping people via prayer, sharing God’s word, and distributing supplies and ready to eat food for those living on the streets.

Lindomar shares about the ministry his church is doing in their community:

We are delivering approximately 200 large take-out boxes (more than one portion) serving approximately 350 people.

God is moving in ways I cannot explain. A new believer has joined our efforts and is helping us prepare and cook the food. Our group began praying for God to provide supplies and pots and pans since what he had was not enough. This past Monday  while I was in the midst of the deliveries, my phone began vibrating. It was a young man who works for a local news site. He was urging me to come in so they could connect me with the around 50 families who had donations ready for me. They had heard of the work we were doing via Facebook and word of mouth. I have also learned that a local home improvement store is donating and installing (free of charge) windows to a family with a 7 month old baby. They currently have no windows at all in their home. 

I am seeing God move in ways I’ve never seen before. I am humbled. There are so many donations I can hardly keep up!  All the things Pastor Magioli has always talked about and shared with us about what God has done over his years in ministry, I am starting to see in this ministry. I cannot put into words the blessings! My wife, Marilú, is very involved and excited about the ministry. People are reaching out from everywhere for help, prayer, assistance, and donations. A gentleman whose home burned a while back and whose body is severely burned has reached out for assistance in getting his documents (id, social security card, etc.) so that he can receive assistance from the city/government. The mayor’s wife is helping me to get his documentation in order. 

I am seeing the Gospel come alive right before my eyes. The power of God is moving in this city, and love is pouring out of people. God is protecting their health; I have not met one sick person. People are converting; they won’t accept food unless I pray and preach the Gospel. I have not been taking my 12 year old daughter with me because we are out late, and we are not going into good areas. But I want to take her, I want her to see how blessed she is compared to others.

I am so thankful for what God is doing and for Living Bread for allowing me to serve in this capacity. Please continue to pray for us.

Join with us as we praise the Lord for how he is moving in the town of Capão da Canoa! How refreshing to be reminded that the Lord is at work despite all the challenges our communities are facing today.  Please continue in prayer for this work and the others we have in Brazil and Thailand. 

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