Torres is a coastal city in the far north of the southern most state in Brazil. We have been working in this city for several years. In the early stages of this church planting effort, we had to move locations multiple times which made growing the church difficult. Once the church was settled and Pastor Gilmar assumed leadership, the church began to grow and put down roots in the community. Gilmar and Lizandra have been serving the church and community for a few years. Pastor Gilmar is using soccer ministry to reach and minister to youth, and they also teach guitar lessons. Lizandra ministers to women in the community and organizes activities like arts and crafts for the local children.
Over the past few months, Pastor Gilmar and others from the church have been leading a Bible study and other outreach activities in Passo de Torres, another city in the neighboring state of Santa Catarina. There is a group of needy communities on the southside of Passo de Torres which we have identified as in need of a local church. Gilmar, his family, and others from the church are leading this work to multiply the church in Torres into their neighboring city. This type of organic, local-led work is what we have faithfully engaged in for fifteen years. Will you commit to helping us continue to expand this work? Even $25 per month will make a difference!