Since Gilmar and Lizandra began leading the ministry in Torres, they have had some great opportunities to build relationships with families in the community and meet practical needs. Torres Ministry Because of their continued presence in the community, they have gained a very positive rapport with people in the area, opening the door for them to share the Gospel.  One specific family they have been able to serve has had a difficult year.  Their small child was injured recently when he fell off a bunk bed and broke both of his legs.  Because of this injury, his mother has been unable to work, causing a significant strain on the family’s finances.  The church in Torres has come along side this family and gathered donations for them, including a stroller for the young child, food to ease their financial situation, and volunteers to help with childcare.  This family has benefited from the way the church is showing Christ’s love in practical ways!

Another successful ministry this month has been a soup ministry that was attended by more than 80 people.

Thank you to those of you who support the ministry in Torres and the work of Gilmar and Lizandra!  To become one of the regular supporters of this work, you can sign up to give here!

Torres Feeding