It has been a while since I (Bárbara) have done a family update. Not much has changed since the last besides kids growing up, life chapters closing, and new ones opening.

     Patrick finished his 3rd year at UVA this past month. He is home for the summer and working at our local hospital as a CNA. In the fall, he is moving off campus and starting his final year of his undergrad work before applying to medical school. 

​     Tabitha graduated from High School this past month. She was accepted into four universities (3 nursing programs) but ultimately decided to attend our local Community College in the fall to keep her student loan debt down. She hopes to transfer to UVA School of Nursing after two years. We are very proud of her accomplishments and the maturity she has shown in her decision.

     Olívia completed the 9th grade with a 4.0 GPA. She was accepted into the Teen Volunteer Summer Program at one of our local hospitals and is looking forward to this opportunity. She will also be playing indoor soccer and beach volleyball this summer.

     Pat and I continue to wear many hats leading LBM, leading Restoration Hill (our local church plant) and teaching online. Pat continues to coach soccer at the girls’ school. He coached the boys’ varsity team for the first time in the fall, and it was his 5th year coaching girls’ varsity. We are very proud of the girls’ team as they made school history this year by winning their first ever state title. What a fantastic way for Tabitha and her fellow seniors to close out their soccer careers!

     I traveled to Brazil three times in 2021 to minister to our team there and serve alongside them. During one of these trips I led a small STM team over Thanksgiving break. The last trip in 2021, we were able to go as family. It was a great opportunity for the kids to visit the church plants again and serve among the people there. We are grateful for the many opportunities the God has given us and for keeping us healthy and safe.