Pastor Somchai and a small group of believers continue to invest in making disciples and establishing churches. In January we began training a small group in Uthaitani, Thailand to eventually establish a local church in that community. Pastor Somchai and the team are traveling there monthly for fellowship and training. The first session was January 22-23. 

A group of believers is gathering monthly for leadership training in Uthaitani, Thailand in order to one day lead a new church there.

They have scheduled several training sessions to cover a variety of topics. Some of the areas they plan to cover are evangelism and follow up, one on one discipleship, the fruit of the Spirit, church polity and ordinances, and the life of a disciple. These are areas that this specific group has questions about and need clarity. The cost for the team to travel to Uthaitani, for food for everyone during the training, and materials is $500 per month. If you can sponsor a month of training, or partially sponsor, let us know!

You may remember last year the pastor of our church plant in Huatanon passed away unexpectedly. Pastor Somchai has been training Chalong to take over the preaching and teaching responsibilities for the church plant. The team continues to meet every Thursday for training, and they visit members of the community almost daily.

This is the first time we have experienced the death of one of our church planters. We were shocked and heartbroken for his wife and children. With some assistance they moved back to their hometown and are being cared for by family. As difficult as the situation was, Pastor Somchai, Aun, and the leadership of the church responded and were able to maintain the church plant and begin raising up the next leadership team. We have more confidence in their leadership as a result.

If you would like to support the ministry in Thailand, you can do so here. We appreciate your partnership!