We have shared about the work we are doing in Northeast Brazil and are seeing exciting progress in the region! There are five communities where an outreach began and a church is now established: Cabrobó, Ibó/Abaré, Bom Jesus, Assentamento, and Poço da Pedra. Our ministry leader there is Pastor Daniel, who is currently serving all five locations.

     Our Executive Director in Brazil, Pastor Magioli recently traveled to Northeast Brazil to visit Pastor Daniel and the ministries there.  Pastor Magioli was able to encourage Daniel and hold inaugural services with him for the two new buildings that have been recently completed.  While there are some minor construction details still to be completed, these services in Bom Jesus and Assentamento were well attended, and the communities seem excited to see the churches established in their own space.  Our three other churches in the region either are in an older building or a rented space. 

     While Pastor Magioli was there with Pastor Daniel, the two worked together to establish some structure to help Daniel manage the leadership of churches in five different locations. They made plans for scheduling when to go to which location and what to prioritize in each place.  There is also a church in a nearby, larger city, Petrolina, that has committed to provide some more frequent help and guidance for Daniel since Pastor Magioli’s distance makes it difficult for him to come more regularly.

     Now that buildings are largely established, one of our biggest needs in Northeast Brazil is for the Lord to provide leaders to be trained and able to help Daniel serve so many communities.  Praise the Lord that there have been two young men who have stepped up and want to be trained to help!

     Thank you for your prayers for this region and the opportunities we have had to establish ministries in five different communities! Praise the Lord for his provision of a worker to serve them and for buildings where our ministries can be based.  Please continue to pray for the people there in extreme poverty.  Please also pray for Pastor Daniel and the young men who are stepping into leadership with him.

To support the ministry in NE Brazil, you can donate here and make a note in the comments that you want to designate your gift to this work.