The last few years have been challenging for everyone. Our ministry weathered the pandemic well and saw many come to Christ, especially in Thailand. Financially, 2021 was the best year  we have had in the past several years. The Lord blessed with multiple unexpectedly large donations that helped us shore up and even expand our efforts in both Brazil and Thailand.

     Last year was a slightly different story. We ended the year well under our 2021 income. Additionally, like everyone else, we had to navigate the highest inflation numbers the country has seen since the 1980s. Inflation is especially hard for nonprofits because it often results in a loss of income. Individually, unless we lose our job, our income remains the same while prices soar. To compensate for the increased cost of necessities families are forced to cut expenses where they can, and this often impacts charitable giving. This means nonprofits are hit with the double challenge of falling income and rising costs.

     In our case the challenge is not just the inflation in the US but price and wage inflation in the areas where we work, which is generally higher than the inflation rate here. To get to the point, we need to strengthen our base of ministry partners. If you are currently partnering with us and are financially able, would you consider increasing your support to account for inflation? If you are not currently a partner, will you consider becoming one? Even $25 per month makes a difference in the communities we serve.

     The coming posts on our blog (all from our Spring 2023 Newsletter) contain numerous photos and testimonies of new believers in Brazil and Thailand. Each one is the direct result of the work our ministry partners are funding. Will you join us? Will you be a catalyst to the gospel at work among our church plants?